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Get Comfy Chairs ForA Great Price

Bean bags have come a long way since the 60's and 70's. Originally bean bags had a vinyl or plastic cover and were filled with beans or small plastic pellets. Some of the most comfortable bean bags are now with shredded furniture foam. Do you think that Fombag bean bags are just for kids? The popularity of bean bags is growing among adults. No longer do you have to have your most comfortable chair be a recliner with a foot rest.

Bean bags now come in sizes from a small child's bean bag approximately 3 feet around up to an 8 foot Fombag that can literally fit up to 6 people. The new bean bags also are able to be made to your specifications. You can choose from:

The size you want.

MicroSuede Fabrics in various colors.

Premium Fabrics.

Every bean bag is now made with high quality liners which permit you to remove the cover and wash in the washing machine when necessary. You will not have splits in seems over time like many of the less quality bean bags. This will not happen with these new bean bags and no longer will be stepping on tiny plastic pellets on your floor.

Thinking of your game room? Instead of purchasing a regular old couch, you could purchase a sofa bean bag. They are oval and come in sizes from 5 feet to 7.5 feet. This style allows you to lay down and let the bean bag form around you so your tired and sore body is able to sink in and relax. If you're not looking to lie down and relax, you can recline in it and read a book and the 7.5 foot sofa can actually sit 4-5 people across it.

Bean bags are an incredibly versatile piece of furniture. You can move them usually yourself. The covers are washable in your washing machine, eliminating calling a professional company into clean them. You can choose them in so many different sizes. They are ecofriendly. They are also affordable.

Some other benefits of bean bags are that they also make ottomans and pillows to use with your current furniture or with your bean bag furniture. You can also get a remote control pocket to hold your remote control or even put a bottle of water or soda in for easy access while you're relaxing.

A bean bag can always give you and your guests the feeling of being cradled and held like a baby. You don't need to prop pillows behind your bag or under your neck because the bean bag will actually form to you. The quality, price and overall comfort of bean bags is better than you can get in pricey traditional furniture.
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